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homework is a design studio specialising in creating brand expression, visual identity and packaging for forward-thinking brands in well-being, beauty, lifestyle and living.

represented by MA+creative



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  • Unordered list item
  • Unordered list item
  • Unordered list item
  1. Unordered list item
  2. Unordered list item
  3. Unordered list item

Lorem ipsum strong emphasized bold adipisicing elit. Ipsum Link rerum Link 2 omnis Link 3, maxime tenetur unde maiores veniam dolore autem.

size-full Image: size-full.

size-full alignnone Image: size-full/alignnone.

size-full aligncenter Image: size-full/aligncenter

full alignleft Image: size-full/alignleft.

size-full alignright Image: size-full/alignright.

Images without size-full class are not made responsive and size-constrained. They are good for icons and smaller images. alignnone alignleft aligncenter alignright


Table Table Table
Table Table Table
Table Table Table
Table Table Table


Color: light
Color: medium
Color: dark
Color: success
Color: warning
Color: danger


Text link 1

Text link 2

Text link 1 (a)

Text link 2 (a)

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


Button 1

Button 2

Button 3

Button 4

Button 5

Button 6

Button 7

Button 8

Button 9

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Small)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)

Button (Large)


Alert message

Spinner (non-blocking)

Spinner (blocking)

Confirm modal

ScreenFiller: Circle

ScreenFiller: TV

ScreenFiller: TV/Rect

Toast-besked: Info

Toast-besked: Success

Toast-besked: Warning

Toast-besked: Error

Disable scrolling

Enable scrolling

Disable clicking

Enable clicking

Mouse cursor effects:

Type: Pointer
Type: Play
Type: Pause
Type: Dot
Type: Ring
Type: Ringdashed
Type: Plus
Type: Close
Type: Arrow E
Type: Arrow W
Type: Arrow NE
Type: Angle E
Type: Angle W
Type: Angle NE
Rotation: 0
Native: Show
Native: Hide
Form/input elements

New checkbox/flipknobs:

OLD checkbox/flipknobs below

Card header

Card content

Card header, level 1

Card content

Card header, level 2

Card content

Card content

Card header: Light

Card content

Card header: Medium

Card content

Card header: Dark

Card content

Card header: Success

Card content

Card header: Warning

Card content

Card header: Danger

Card content

Card header/body: Light

Card content

Card header/body: Medium

Card content

Card header/body: Dark

Card content

Card header/body: Success

Card content

Card header/body: Warning

Card content

Card header/body: Danger

Card content

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