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homework is a design studio specialising in creating brand expression, visual identity and packaging for forward-thinking brands in well-being, beauty, lifestyle and living.

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Aevi – Packaging

Aevi is a Scandinavian-inspired approach to living a balanced life. It is the philosophy behind natural skincare products, too. Aevi aspires to an overall ethical approach to consumption. Packaging is recyclable and sustainable for minimal environmental impact. Aevi means life in an old Norse language and is based in Vienna, Austria.

To live thoughtfully, mindfully, simply.
To connect within and with each other.
To be grounded and open-hearted.
To be ever-curious and to share our knowledge and passion with others.
To be always growing yet embracing ourselves and each other as we are.
To cultivate community as well as personal experience.
To vessel an attitude that’s true to our being as a part of nature.
Our way of life.
Visual identity and packaging design by Homework.


Aevi – Packaging
Aevi – Packaging
Aevi – Packaging
Aevi – Packaging
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